How can I join?

Join prdportal.org for free. Register yourself in order to get access to the full content instead of solely previews. The registration process is simple and fast. After the successful registration you will receive an email in order to confirm your account. Having performed this step, you have joined prdportal.org and have access to the full content.

Does prdportal.org charge any registration fees?

No. Thanks to our supporters, there is no registration fee for prdportal.org.

What kind of content is provided on prdportal.org?

The following content types are provided to you on prdportal.org:

  1. Free of charge patient videos (video library) covering various topics in the field of Parkinsonism and Related Disorders. Here is an example: Progressive supranuclear palsy (2) (segments 1-5)
  2. Free of charge recorded sessions of international meetings such as the clinical practice sessions of the IAPRD World Congress. Please take some of your precious time to have a look at this example: DIAGNOSIS OF PARKINSON'S DISEASE - Clinical definition
  3. Digitalised book chapters of Wolters & Baumann "Parkinson Disease and Other Movement Disorders". These chapters are not free of charge. Please take some time to look at this example: Classifying and Defining Motor Behavioural and Behavioural Motor Disorders